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I received many of these obituaries from Linda Card a cousin also researching the
family. Some of them do not state what newspaper they came from or dates. If you
would like email me and I may be able to give you more information on the person.
Many of these people lived in the Butler County, Iowa and surrounding area. A few are
not directly connected to the Card family. They are in no particular order, so look
under the page numbers to find an obit you might be interested in.
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Page 3
Kathryn (Bulton) Card
Esther (Hall) Card
Thomas T. G. Hersey
Clyde E. Wilson
Willard Bond Card
Lorain (Freeland) Card
Carrie (Card) Wilson
Deborah (Card) Hersey
Perry Silas Card
Elmer Lyman Card
James Card
Viola (Willer) Card
Irvin Card
Ward Card
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Hazel D. (Pierce) Card
George Card
Kendra Kay Forry
Ora Card
Ida Ann (Daniels) Card
Ronn W. Simon
Martha E. (Palmer) Card
Sheldon Card
Floyd I. Card
David E. Card
Clarence L. Card
Clarence "Bud" Card
Howard L. Card
Betty J. (Harriman) Card
Alma F. (Buckridge) Card
George W. Card
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Stanley D. Card
Floyd S. Card
Maude Ida Thomas Card
Ernest Card
Mabel Ann (Gruver) Card
Gary L. Card
Dora A. (Klodt) Card
Mert C. Card
Dora (Olthoff) Boomgarden
Allen Card
Virgil William Card
Clara M. (Hersey) Bloomfield
Clara Idella (Ackerson) Card
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Ira L. Bloomfield
Donald D. Card
Vernon H. Card
Harm Bronsema
Bruno Bronsema
Duane A. "Bill" Card
Lena (Reints) Bronsema
Harry Codner Jr.
Terry George Card
Norman Arthur Card Sr.
Jolene Joy (Card) Sents
Page 13
Elaine Avis (Engum) Card
Michael Henry Card
Frederick Henry Card
Arnold J. Card
Agnes R. Lamb
Francis Ellsworth Church
Roy Louis Daniels
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