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Our line of Card's descends from James Card, son of Ricard Card. Roger's Great
Grandfather Willard & his Wife Esther (Hall) Card settled in the Parkersburg, Butler County
Iowa area in 1856. Thanks to all who have contributed information to the family history. A
special thank you to the cousin's found around the U.S. and Canada who have shared their
information with me. For now I have decided to scale back the amount of information I
have on-line. It has become too overwhelming to keep updated.

This line includes information on the Bergeron, Lindow, Furnia (Fournier), Pickering and
many other French Canadian Families. I will add more on the siblings and their children at
a later date.
The place to go to find out about the reunion June 24th and 25th in Parkersburg, Iowa.
Hotel listing, maps, and updated information on what is happening! Come and visit and
leave a message. We need suggestions for activities!!
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Link's to Other's researching The Card family.
On our last trip to Iowa. I received a great number of Obituaries from Linda Card, who is also
researching the family history. Over 60 obituraries. If you have obits that you would like to
contribute send them to me, and I will post them here.