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We have three dogs. A mixed breed Chihuahua and two Dalmatians. A
word of warning to those tempted to buy a Dalmatian for the kids.
These dogs were bred to run all day with carriages and need room to
run and play. If a good watch dog is what you want and you have the
space, than a better friend you will not have.

Our Chihuahua is named Priscilla, she is nineteen years old and is
feeling the effects of her age. She has almost totally lost both her
hearing and sight, has arthritis and lately has had trouble with pottying
on the floor. Other than that and the fact the Vet wants to pull her
teeth, he says she is in pretty good health. I think she is getting senile

Our seven year old Dal, Pongo Boy, we call him Buddy most of the time,
he loves to go camping. He is Roger's co-pilot. I ride in a chair. I'm too
slow to get the passenger seat, and he weighs over 90 pounds. He
wins! He is pretty good during the day, but at night his temperament
changes totally to protector. Especially when camping, he thinks he
owns the motor home! Pongo is wearing his training collar in the
photo. He doesn't even know that most of the time the batteries are
not charged. On off weekends when we go to Rogers sister's cabin, we
put on the collar and let him run in the woods. He sleeps most of the
next week after a weekend up north. There are just so many trees and
so many squirrels a Dal just can't keep up!

Our three year old Dal was a con job from the Vet. Roger took the dogs
to the Vet for shots and came home with a Dal we named Petra. She is
deaf, and the person who had her could not keep her. The Vet asked
us if we could take her and giver her a home. She likes to steal and
she wants her crate shut when she decides to go to bed. We use hand
signals with Petra and she does just fine. Nothing gets past her. We
have to tell people she can't hear. We forget too and tell her no or
come here all the time!

I urge everyone who owns a pet to get them spayed or neuterd. Go to
the animal shelter or call your Vet and see if they have a pet that may
be right for you. There are way too many unwanted dogs and cats in
this world now. Please don't let them bring more unwanted animals
into the world!
Dalmatan Resue Stoies
They will bring tears to your eyes.
See Petra's story here.

Our Dogs
This picture was taken Christmas 1995. This is the Last picture we
have of our Sadie Mae before she died in November 1996 at 18 years
of age. Priscilla is not at all happy about the seating arrangements!!
We adopted Sadie from the Human Society in 1980. She was pet of
the week! She was a great part of our lives and we all miss her still.
Each Christmas now Pongo, Priscilla and Petra go to the Human
Society with me and we donate 15 dollars in her memory.
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Leon, is a Nanday Conure, and Ruby is a Chattering Lori. Leon does not
talk much, he says hello, luv you, and he laughs like me, which is really
annoying because I have a weird laugh anyway! Leon is a very loving
Mama's boy. Nanday's I have met have pretty much been one person
bird's and Leon is no exception. Roger is fine to be with when Mom's
gone and that's about it! He is such a sweet little bird, and usually not
very loud as I have been told Nandy's are screamers. Leon doesn't do
this much.

Ruby is a different story altogether. She does not like to be handled
since our deaf Dal Petra charged her cage. Ruby talks pretty well,
she says hello, Ruby pretty bird, go to bed, feed the bird, shut up,
Mandy and another phrase not printable in a family web page. OOPS
my fault for saying it to the dogs! Ruby is a back seat driver when
camping. Any time Roger hits a big bump or takes a corner a little to
fast for her liking she says the naughty words! I have given over fully
the back seat driver job to Ruby. She does it so well!!!

When we go camping the birds have parakeet cages that they stay in.
They also have a shephed's hook so they can be outside under the