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Award winning educational site with Eldred family history. Silas Card Sr. married
Elizabeth Eldred. See her history back to the early 1400's here. This is a must visit site.
Carrie is decsended from Elizabeth's brother.
New site by my good email cousin Tina. Tina and I got to spend a day and half together
during our vacation. We had a good time talking together.
Matt's research on the Card family. Very well documented site. Lot's of information on
Card's from Canada and Michigan.
Very extensive database on the Card family. Has pictures of the Card reunions in
Cardston, Alberta, Canada.
Connie is not actually a cousin, but she is a good email friend. We do have relatives in
common, one of her relatives married one of Roger's!
Another Card researcher! I have not written back and forth too much with this one.
History of the Soule family, which links to the Card family. George Soule was a
passanger on the Mayflower. His grand daughter was a many great step grandmother to
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