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Roger & I love to go camping. One of my brother's told me we don't camp we
vacationed. I reminded him we also have done the tent and cookstove routine,
now we take it easy. Setting up camp consist of rolling out the awning, tying out
the dogs, and getting the lawn chairs off the back of the motor home! No more
cooler's to fill with ice, in fact I now make it in the freezer!

We go camping almost every weekend. Friday is get out of town night along with
the rest of the city! Everyone goes with the three dogs, the birds and most of the
time a grandkid or two or three!

We have a 1986 Gulfstream Sun Cruiser. It's 30ft. long and has a living room,
dining , kitchen area with all the extras, bedroom and a full bathroom. No we no
longer rough it. It gets hot we turn on the air conditioner. It gets cold we turn up
the thermostat. We want hot water we turn on the tap. If we get hungry, nuke food
works in a hurry! We want to watch TV we turn on the color TV with built in VCR.

At night we start a group campfire and gather around for stories, Jokes, and
family happenings. We usually get together for a pot luck meal on Sundays, for
holiday weekends. We live in Wisconsin so what is more natural for a family
gathering than potluck!
Our youngest Michael was hit by a dump truck and killed September 12, 1995,
the worst day of our lives. Having the police come to your door and tell you
your son is gone is a nightmare we still live with. He should have been safe. He
was at work after all. We changed alot after that day. We live for now, that's
why we bought our motor home. We decided instead of waiting until we retire,
we were going to enjoy the things in this world now, cause you never know
about tomarrow.

Roger and I both grew up in northwest Wisconsin. Roger spent 8 years in the
Army and another 10 in civil service. He is a Vietnam Vet, and left the Army
reserves as a Master Sargent. He now has the much misunderstood and
unappreciated occupation as a Truck Driver. He is home almost everynight
now as he pretty much stays between Illinois and the Twin Cities.

I decided to take a break from the work world, after my contract with my last
employer was finished. It has been really nice to get to spend some extra time
with my family. Mostly the time shortly before my father passed away.
When I did work I did mapping for utility companies. The problem with this
occupation, is after you get the maps converted to the computer and the
engineers learn the software. Your not needed anymore!!
Roger's Truck

This is a photo of the vehicle that supplies the bank with money every week.
Dana makes auto parts. Been to Napa? Then you have probably bought Dana
parts. They also make parts for Heavy equipment. Below are links to Roger's
employer and the company he serves. The TFE Group is a company that
leases drivers to other companies. Roger is assigned to the Dana Truck Fleet
area. If you are confused, join the club, it took me awhile to grasp it too!
You are Visitor
We like to camp, fish, play golf and genealogy. Roger enjoys the cemeteries
the most.
Thanks for comming, and please sign my guestbook!
July 4th Weekend in Northern Wisconsin

No this is not a campground. It is the cabin of Roger's Sister and her husband!
Everyone camped here is related!

Most 3 day weekend's if weddings and what not don't intervene, most of the family
treks to Northern Wisconsin to intrude on Alice and Herb. The Card family has
been known to set up over 15 campsites here. How's does 60 people for
weekend guests sound!

Actually some of our best camping weekends are spent here. You don't have to
worry about your kids annoying your neighbors, cause your neighbor's are either
your neices and nephews or your Aunt or Uncle or better yet, your brother or sister,
or parents! Oh yeah, if it's a holiday weekend, bring a dish to pass and some
chicken to grill. No one tells anyone, it's implied, that after 15 years you just do it!
Another free place for the Card's to camp!

Last fall Dave and Nell purchased some land out in the sticks also, It is now ready
for unpaying customers! It is also 75 miles closer to home! The camper in the
background is Mom's. We tried to get her to go with us, but she decided that she
wanted her own house!! Mom used to be a school bus driver, so she was not at
all afraid of this cute little 22 footer.