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Congratulations to Joeleen and Roland Wolfram Michael Bernhard
Schwarz was born March 20, 2000 at 6:10 pm. He weighted 9 lbs.
4 oz. and was 22 inches long! He doesn't seem to be too happy
about his birthday!!!!

Congratulations to Angel and Mike on their Marriage. They were wed
on September 11, 1999
Congratulations to my brother Mike and his wife, Johanna on their
Marriage. Mike and Johanna were wed on September 4, 1999.
Big News. Mike and Johanna are expecting in August 2000!!! Now
they will have yours mine and ours. Congratulations to the Starting
over parents! and to Krystal, Nick and Johnny, They will make great
big sister and brothers.
Congratulations to Dan and Amiee on their Marriage. They were wed
on September 25, 1999.
Welcome to the World to our two new Nephews!!

Benjarmin Allen, August 19, 1999. Proud Parents are Barbara & Lowell!!
Also proud big sister and brother, Deana and Greg.

Steven Quinn, August 21, 1999. Proud Parents are Jeanine & David.
You are Visitor
Congratulations to Marney & Fred. They were wed on October 2,
1999, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.
Congratulations toHeidi and Tony on their Marriage. They were wed
on September 17, 1999
Last year was a busy year and this year is proving to be just as busy!
Thanks for stopping by, and don't forge to sign the guestbook!

Congratulations to Harry & Betty. They celebrated their 60th
Wedding Anniversary with celebration in Hampton, Iowa, with friends
and relatives.
Congratulations to Glenn and Dorothy Card who celebrated thier 60th
wedding anniversary Feb. 6, 2000. They celbrated with a family
gathering in Waterloo, Iowa.